Terms and conditions

Article 1: By placing an order, the customer explicitly accepts these general terms and conditions, which apply to all legal relationships between the customer and Campro di, and thus to all quotations, orders, sales, deliveries, installations, rentals, interventions and related related services and services. It is only possible to deviate from these general terms and conditions in writing. These terms and conditions always prevail and therefore always and exclusively apply. Article 2: The offers from Campro only have an indicative value, the prices quoted are completely free of obligation unless stated otherwise. The prices are calculated taking into account normal circumstances and are based inter alia on the information provided by the customer. If this information turns out to be incomplete or incorrect, the additional price that may ensue will be borne by the customer. A binding agreement with a fixed price is only established by signing a separate agreement between the customer and Campro, agreement that may contain special provisions that prevail where appropriate. This agreement must contain all mutually agreed commitments, with the exception of nothing. If the customer wishes that certain standards and / or regulations, whether or not legally binding, must be met, the customer must explicitly state this in writing in the absence of which Campro can never be held liable. Article 3: Orders placed by the customer and accepted by Campro must be taken within the agreed period. If the customer does not meet his obligations, even after being sent a letter from Campro to this effect, Campro is entitled to either regard the agreement as automatically or automatically terminated to the detriment of the customer, or execution in kind claim from the agreement. In the event of dissolution of the agreement, the customer will still owe Campro a lump sum compensation equal to 25 of the total cost of the order excluding VAT, without prejudice to Campro's right to claim higher compensation if the actual damage suffered by it is higher . Article 4: The delivery and execution dates are provided by Campro for information only and are therefore not binding unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. No delay on the part of Campro can give cause for either dissolution of the agreement or compensation. Campro is relieved of its obligations in the event of force majeure. For the delivery and / or implementation of its commitments, Campro will notify the customer, the customer must then make the delivery and / or implementation possible, on pain of compensation. Article 5: Campro will normally invoice 50% of the agreed price after conclusion of the agreement. The balance will be invoiced after implementation of the commitments entered into by Campro and at the latest six months after the conclusion of the agreement, regardless of the status of the implementation of the agreement. For works that must be carried out in different phases, the Campro reserves the right, contrary to the aforementioned paragraph, to issue interim invoices. Article 6: Delivery of goods purchased by the customer takes place ex warehouse unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the event of delivery of goods by Campro, these are stored after sale and transported at the expense and risk of the customer. Article 7: All payments relating to periodic contracts for maintenance, rent, remote monitoring, intervention after alarm and the like are linked to the SOPA index (S value), once a year on the expiry date of the agreement. Article 8: For visible defects, the customer must protest immediately and in writing. For hidden defects, the customer must protest in writing by registered letter within eight working days after the defect came to light. Any complaint that arrives outside this period is late and unfounded. Complaints that are found to be justified only require Campro to replace the non - conforming goods or to carry out repair or adjustment work, without the customer being entitled to any compensation whatsoever. Under no circumstances does the formulation of a complaint give the customer the right to suspend payment of the invoices - even in part. Article 9: Campro retains exclusive ownership of the goods delivered by it until the moment of full payment of the invoicing. The customer therefore has and until then not the right to dispose of the goods that have not yet been paid in full and / or to encumber them with real security. In the event of apparent inability or bankruptcy zu