• Numbers of LEDS: 140 pieces
  • Viewing Angle: 30degree, 45degree, 60degree(option, By default, we ship the 30degree)
  • Option distance: 40m(60degree), 50m(45degree), 60m(30degree) (option, By default, we ship the 60m 30degree)
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Protections grade: IP65
  • Current: 900mA (Input voltage: DC12V)
  • Link naar product:http://www.securitycctv-cameras.com/china-114pcs_infrared_leds_100m_ir_illuminators_for_long_distance_security_cctv_camera-131534.html


    Nog 40 stuks; 75€ /stuk

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